An Interdisciplinary
Creative Media Producer,
Based in Toronto, Ont.

Established in 2004, Lyte began its journey helping local businesses find their audience with simple branding and advertising initiatives. Gradually, over the years, as "identity" became more enmeshed with the technologies that enabled its growth and evolution, we expanded our scope of service to become the cross-platform digital media producer we are today. With an extensive network of skilled artists and visionaries, diverse portfolio, and passion for innovative storytelling, we're committed to bringing your vision to light.
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Digital Film Production

From pre-production to post-production, turn your analog dream into a digital reality. We produce for web, TV, film, VR, and just about any platform you can think of.

Branding & Advertising

[Re]Develop your brand to thrive in today's digital culture. Integrate your identity across multiple platforms, efficiently and effectively.

Sound Design, CGI & Motion Graphics

Spice up your project with custom sound design, dynamic animations, VFX, 3D graphics and more.


We offer access to everything you need to get your video production off the ground. 8K RED Digital Cinema and Canon cameras, high-grade lenses, lighting and grip packages, stabilizers, drones, you name it.

Our Mission
We strive to bring together artists, brands, creators and audiences in mutually rewarding experiences while pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling through new media.
What we Do?
It's simple: we bring your vision to light. We specialize in visual communication; giving you the tools and resources needed to create a powerful message and make sure it lands.
Our Values
Light is nothing until it interacts. Without our clients we are unharvested potential. We therefore treat every interaction as if it were the first - the most important.

Insight & Expression.

The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.

Walt Whitman Author

How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.

William Shakespeare Author

To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist.

Robert Schumann Composer

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Toronto, ON
M6G 3L7
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